Linus Torvalds

Here I am with the man himself, Linus Torvalds at the first LinuxWorldExpo held in San Francisco in 1998. My grandparents are from Finland. See the resemblance?

Jon "Mad Dog" Hall

After one of the Keynotes, I got a nice picture with the very pleasent Jon "Mad Dog" Hall.


Since "kihon" is based on a Japanese Karate term, I might as well show off one of the performances that I have done. Here is a snap shot done while I performed "Chinto".

As for a real karate master, go here

Karlsruhe Skatenite

Here I am sprinting in Karlsruhe, Germany on May 11, 2006 doing the Stadtrundfaht path in Karlsruhe Skatenite.

For more information on Skatenite, go here

Missing keyboard

After a power outage, my kvm was screwy, and the computer came up with this.

Tell me. How does one hit F1 or Del without a keyboard???